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"Captiva Memories" Volume IXVol 9_DVD Front Cover copy.jpg
Tight Lines & Big Fish Stories:
The History of Angling on Captiva / $20 Donation

Award-winning producer Ken Sneeden has once again reeled in an enlightening and entertaining feature-length film which chronicles how Captiva Island came to be defined by fishing. Running time: 65 minutes.

"Captiva Memories" Volume VIIIVol 8_DVD Cover copy copy 2.jpg
Sands of Time: History of Erosion on Captiva / $20 Donation

The documentary chronicles the geologic and social history of coastal erosion on Captiva Island, a Florida Gulf Coast barrier island. Running time: 38 minutes.

Vol 7_DVD v2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume VII  
Buck Key: Island of Mystery & History  /  $20 Donation

The surprising story of Buck Key, its Calusa occupants and the early community and plantations that foreshadowed Captiva’s settlement. Running time: 35 minutes.

Vol 6_DVD copy 2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume VI  
South Seas: Captiva’s Enduring Paradise  /  $20 Donation

Features the history of the changing shoreline of northern Captiva through hurricanes, then its early island residents, its rich farmland for crops, and then its becoming a world renowned resort destination. Running time: 40 minutes.

Vol 5_DVD_final copy 2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume V
Our Mailboat “Santiva”  /  $20 Donation

Santiva, the old mailboat, which serviced Captiva and Sanibel prior to the construction of the Sanibel Causeway in 1963, inspired the concept and layout of the History Gallery.
Running time: 15 minutes.

Vol 4_DVD_final copy.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume IV
Artists & Authors  /  $20 Donation

Friends and relatives of Robert Rauschenberg, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Maybelle Stamper, and J.N. "Ding" Darling tell invaluable stories that capture the spirit of Captiva and its meaning to these four world class artists and authors. Running time: 49 minutes.

Vol 3_DVD copy 2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume III
By The Sea   /  $20 Donation

Captiva Island story tellers Georgia Hemphill, Zeke McDonald, Mark Lewis and Ginger & George Parker share memories of characters and events of our small barrier island.
Running Time: 38 minutes 

Vol 2_DVD copy 2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume II  
Earth, Water & Wind  /  $20 Donation

Dottie Wakefield, Bob Sabatino, Kristie Anders, Matt Hall and John Dickey share memories of the characters and times of Captiva Island, including Hurricane Charley.
Running time: 35 minutes.

Vol 1_DVD_final copy 2.jpg“Captiva Memories” Volume I  
A New Film of Old Stories  /  $20 Donation

Return to the early days on Captiva Island. Listen as island voices echo memories of the characters and times of our small barrier island.
Running Time: 35 minutes 

Lodging_Jacket cover copy.jpgCIHS & Sanibel Historical Museum Joint Production
Be Our Guest: The History of Lodging on Sanibel & Captiva / $20 Donation

In the second collaboration between the Captiva Island Historical Society and the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village, this full-length documentary takes a closer look at historic accommodations of the two islands; from rooming home to resorts. Running time: 49 minutes.

Blind Pass_Jacket cover copy.jpgCIHS & Sanibel Historical Museum Joint Production
Blind Pass: The Bridge That Connects  /  $20 Donation

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the first Blind Pass Bridge, the Captiva Island Historical Society and Sanibel Historical Museum and Village partnered to chronicle the history of the place where the two islands overlap.
Running time: 35 minutes.

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