Looking Back

  • Bill Shannon And His Frond House

    In this image from the early 1950s, Bill Shannon is in front of his palm frond house. He and his wife, Mae, opened the Sunshine Cafe on Palm Avenue (currently Andy Rosse Lane) on Captiva in 1951.

  • Not Your Ordinary Watchdog

    This is an image of Ina Watson on Captiva Island restraining one of her "watchdog" alligators that she caught.  Ina Watson and her son Paul maintained a camp site on Chadwick's South Seas Plantation.  View More On This Subject

  • Food Stand: Chadwick Estates

    A "food stand" reportedly located at Chadwick Estates property, date unknown, now South Seas Island resort. There are two structures, one has a pagoda style roof and the other appears to be a converted double decker riverboat.

  • Picnic At Blind Pass

    This photo features a picnic at Blind Pass in the early 1900s. Note the wool clothing. Mrs. Dickey is pictured on the far left.

  • Timmy Wiles

    This is a 1966 snapshot of Timmy (TM) Wiles at the counter of the iconic Timmy’s Nook, built by Wiles in 1952.  From 1952 to 1994, Timmy’s Nook was a popular gathering place frequented by the locals and visitors alike, and the source of colorful island folklore.

  • Timmy’s Nook

    This image is a 1966 snapshot of Timmy’s Nook. From 1952 to 1994 Timmy’s Nook was a renowned gathering place frequented by natives and tourists alike. In 1994, under new ownership, Timmy’s was rebuilt and became The Green Flash.

Bridging the Past and the Present