Looking Back

  • Timmy Wiles

    This is a 1966 snapshot of Timmy (TM) Wiles at the counter of the iconic Timmy’s Nook, built by Wiles in 1952.  From 1952 to 1994, Timmy’s Nook was a popular gathering place frequented by the locals and visitors alike, and the source of colorful island folklore.

  • Timmy’s Nook

    This image is a 1966 snapshot of Timmy’s Nook. From 1952 to 1994 Timmy’s Nook was a renowned gathering place frequented by natives and tourists alike. In 1994, under new ownership, Timmy’s was rebuilt and became The Green Flash.

  • Bill Stevens Fish House

    This photo is Bill Stevens at his fish house taken by locally renowned photographer Charlie McCullough in 1949. Bill Stevens worked for the Punta Gorda Fish Company. The local fisherman would bring their catch to him and he would put them on ice and await the company's fish boat to come to collect the fish.

  • First Schoolhouse On Captiva

    This image is the first schoolhouse on Captiva, established in 1901 by William Herbert Binder. The building is now the Captiva Chapel by the Sea. The school was attended by students who lived on both Captiva and Sanibel Island.

  • David Wightman Harvesting Raccoons

    David Wightman is pictured harvesting raccoons on Captiva in 1919. The Wightman family arrived on the islands in 1917.

  • John Morris And Mule-Mail Pick Up

    In this image from the early 1900s, John Morris and his mule picked up mail and passengers from Randall’s Dock on Captiva. Morris was a long time island resident and lived where Jensen’s twin Palm Marina & Cottages is located.

Bridging the Past and the Present