Past Events

The CIHS is best known for its programs.  This is one of the fundamental ways we deliver on our mission of sharing the history of Captiva.  

View videos of some of the event's from our previous seasons. 

Highlight on Historic St. Augustine

April 4, 2022
Guest speaker Richard Goldman of St. Augustine shares a presentation highlighting facets of the nearly 500-year history of this historic city.

Sentimental Journey: The War Years on Captiva Island

December 7, 2021
In commemoration of the 80thanniversary of Pearl Harbor and all those who served and sacrificed during World War II, the CIHS presented a theatrical program, which through narrative, song, and imagery captured the War Years on Captiva.

An Artful Look at Captiva History

November 16, 2021
The CIHS launched its 2021-2022 season on Tuesday evening, November 16 with an art exhibit that displays Captiva’s past as a lure for artists and inspiration for their art. The exhibit, in collaboration with the Captiva Civic Association, opened with a reception at the Captiva Civic Center.

History Repeats Itself

November 22, 2020
About 40 people from the Captiva community took part in the restaging of a history photo in front of Captiva Chapel by the Sea November 22, as the Captiva Island Historical Society hosted “History Repeats Itself."

Black Bart: From Bullets to Books

February 18, 2020
The Captiva Island Historical Society event featured visiting historians Professor Gabri van Tussenbroek and Tanja Holzhey speaking on the life of former notorious villain, and later peaceful Captiva Island resident, Reimund "Black Bart" Holzhey.

Tribute Video Honoring Island Historian Betty Anholt

January 13, 2020
Island historian Betty Anholt, awarded the first first of a kind Captiva Island Historical Society "Guardian of History Award," is not only its first recipient, but also its namesake. View the tribute video played at the CIHS HOMAGE TO HISTORY reception on January 13, 2020, honoring Betty's accomplishments, contributions and published works in fostering and preserving island history.

CIHS Revives The 'Spirit' of Dottie Price Wakefield

November 18, 2019
Captiva history buffs know 'Price' was the name of the family that started ‘Tween Waters Inn. While 'Wakefield' is the name most Captivans later came to associate with this historic resort. As part of its celebration of historic ‘Tween Waters, the CIHS revived the 'Spirit' of Dottie Price Wakefield. In a carefully researched monolog, Dottie, portrayed by the actress Dena Galyean highlighted memories of her beloved Inn.

What Do You Know II: Captiva History Game Show

Monday, March 18, 2019
Our popular game show returned for a second season with fresh new questions, surprising facts, and lots of laughs! Watch for yourself.

Serving Up Memories of Captiva's Old-Time Restaurants

January 9, 2018
A panel of speakers from Captiva’s rich history of iconic restaurants share their memories of its restaurant life of the past.

Island Voices: KATIE GARDENIA, Entrepreneur, Artist & Author

March 14, 2017
As part of the Captiva Island Historical Society's popular "Island Voices" speaker series, the originator of Captiva’s iconic Bubble Room Restaurant shares her memories of the early days. 

CIHS Island Voices: Randy Wayne White, Author

January 10, 2017
As part of the Captiva Island Historical Society's popular "Island Voices" speaker series, author Randy Wayne White shares his life as a Captiva and Sanibel fishing guide in 70s and 80s.

CIHS Presents An Evening With Norma Miller, Queen of Swing!

March 30, 2015
A behind-the-curtain and front-row peek at the CIHS event, "Norma Miller, Queen of Swing".  This special footage was created for the Captiva Island Historical Society by Dreamtime Entertainment and features Norma Miller, Chester Whitmore, and "Queen of Swing" documentary director, John Biffar.

Bridging the Past and the Present