Big Fish Stories

Duke Sells.jpegIn preparing for the Captiva Island Historical Society’s 9th documentary, “The History of Angling on Captiva,” Jensen’s Twin Palm Marina hosted the first CIHS “Share Your Story” event on Monday, November 16. Believe them or not, we heard some big fish stories.

Island fishing icon Duke Sells shares one of his many fish tales

Award-winning journalist and CIHS documentarian Ken Sneeden set up in the "World's Smallest Fishing Museum" at Jensen's Twin Palm Marina to MJ.jpegrecord the many who came by to share their "Big Fish Stories" for the Captiva Island Historical Society.

CIHS Board member Mary Jane Vinson archives artifacts
shared by Cindy and Captain Jack Scragg

Thanks to all those who came out to tell their fish tales, including Duke Sells, Rich Stegmann, Dan Stegmann, KathySneeden.jpeg Kurtz Ferrari, Joe Szaky, Jim Willis, Dave Godfrey and John Jensen. As well as Cindy and Captain Jack Scragg who generously shared their artifacts, which the CIHS has scanned and will now add to its online archives.

Documentarian Ken Sneeden captures the big fish stories

Adding to the hospitality and iconic fishing heritage of Jensen’s Jensen Bros.jpegMarine, Captain Dave Godfrey grilled up some mullet for everyone to share.

Gracious hosts Jimmy and John Jensen show-off some of their collection
f vintage rods and reels

A special BIG thank you to the Jensen brothers for hosting Kathy Ferrari.jpegthis "Big Fish Story" event for the benefit of the Captiva Island Historical Society.

Captivian Kathy Kurtz Ferrari shares tales of her father and husband fishing the islands

Also, the CIHS would like to extend its appreciation to The Sanibel Stegmann.jpegCaptiva Trust Company for their support as our season presenting sponsor.

Long time Captiva angler Dan Stegmann had lots of fish stories

Bridging the Past and the Present