"What Do You Know?"

If anyone ever thought Captiva history couldn't be fun, they would have been proven wrong on Tuesday evening, February 20, 2018 when the CIHS presented the inaugural Captiva History Game Show, "What Do You Know?"

Game Show.jpgIn a Jeopardy-style quiz show format questions were served up about early island characters, landmarks and folklore.

Tom Libonate CIHS Board President explained, "The idea was to use the questions and answers as a way to make learning about Captiva history fun and entertaining. Each of our Board members were asked to submit ten questions, which Queenie and Mary Jane Vinson researched and fact-checked."

The game show was hosted by Bob Vinson and pitted three groups of contestants -- the Pioneers, the Settlers and the Homesteaders -- who selected from a variety of Jeopardy-like categories, with each question having a dollar value.

IMG_8346.jpgOnce the question was projected on the screen and read by the host, the first team to hit the "buzzer" got to answer the question, which at selected times they were allowed to reach out to the audience for help. 

The first round included categories such as: If You Build It, Stupid Answers, This & That, and Howdy Neighbor! with correct responses worth $100 to $500. Following a brief intermission second round of "Double Jeopardy" was played with a new set of categories at higher dollar values.

After the teams responded to the "Final Jeopardy" question, the Pioneers finished with $5,000.


Pictured with Queenie, the game show hostess, is the winning team, the Pioneers, comprised of: Anna Irvine, Jack Cunningham, John Bates, Sherrill Sims, Susie Berg and John Beggs.

The Homesteaders were runner-up at $4,000 and the Settlers a distant third at minus $9,400. Each member of the Pioneers, the winning team, won a six DVD collection of CIHS documentaries, Captiva Memories.

One group of the audience were heard at the conclusion of the evening saying, "I hope they do this again."

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