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Santiva route map copy.jpgBefore the Sanibel Causeway was completed in 1963 and opened for traffic from the mainland, the 'Santiva' was one of a generation of mailboats that reliably traveled the waters of Pine Island Sound, ferrying passengers and delivering mail and provisions to the folks of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

The daily route (Monday-Saturday) of the "Santiva"
as displayed in the CIHS History Gallery

Departing from the Post Office in Fort Myers, the mailboat ferried passengers and carried orders, making stops at Bailey's dock on Sanibel; St. James City; Captiva Post Office dock and Andy's dock on Captiva.


Santiva_Timmy's copy.jpegThe "Santiva" delivered more than mail.  A passenger's first glance of Captiva was often from their perch on a bench set atop the boat's roof.

Unloading copy.jpg"Santiva" at the Captiva post office dock
located at the Gore Hotel

Island recipients who waited dockside for the vessel’s arrival and retrieved everything from beer to bloomers.



The captain was fined 3-days pay if the boat was late. In all its years the "Santiva" missed just a handful of trips due to hurricanes.

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Daily timetable of the "Santiva"
displayed at the CIHS History Gallery







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