Island Voices

Captiva Island story tellers share memories of characters and events that shaped our small barrier island's colorful past.

Captain Bob Sabatino

Iconic Fishing Guide & Author

Long time Fishing Guide, Author and Island Icon shares stories of coming to Sanibel and Captiva in the 50's and life in the Halcyon days before the causeway.

Randy Wayne White

Best Selling Author & Former Fishing Guide

Best selling author Randy Wayne White shares stories of his life as a fishing guide in the 70's and 80's.

Katie Gardenia

Entrepreneur, Artist & Author

The originator of Captiva’s iconic Bubble Room Restaurant shares her memories of the early years on Captiva from excerpts from her book, "A Bubble Moment."

Dottie Price Wakefield

Daughter of Bowman and Grace Price, founders of historic 'Tween Waters Inn

Dottie Price Wakefield, the daughter of Bowman and Grace Price, shares stories of her parents coming to Captiva in the 20's. How and why "Tween Waters Inn came to be - and the famous guests who help make it the the historic island landmark it is today.  She also tells tales of what it was like growing up on the small, tranquil island that was Captiva in the 30's and 40's.

Kristie Anders

Educator, Historian, Conservationist & Storyteller

Long-time islander and former Captiva Island Historical Society Director and Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation Director of Education shares her daily boat ride pointing out gems of information related to the history and amazing ecosystems of our islands and adjoining waterways.

Matt Hall
Property Manager for the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Matt Hall, Property Manager for the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, shares his history of Bob Rauschenberg’s dedication to land conservancy and his preservation of the iconic “Fish House” originally built by fellow conservationist “Ding” Darling in May 1942.

Bridging the Past and the Present