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An important aspect of the CIHS Mission is gathering, preserving and archiving the history of Captiva Island.  The stories, artifacts and images that bring this history to life are here, at your fingertips, only a click away!

Currently, the CIHS has more than 14,000 digitally archived items in our database, including:  family letters, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, and audio recordings.

You can read, see, and source thousands of the stories and images of Captiva’s colorful history by clicking the link below!

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There are wonderful photographs and items of historical significance belonging to many Captiva families and past residents or visitors to the island.  

Would you like to share photographs, journals, or other items with the CIHS? 

To discuss the details, please:

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Call us: 239-472-2323.

Write us: Captiva Island Historical Society, P.O. Box 163, Captiva, FL 33924

Please consider preserving Captiva's history by sharing memories with the CIHS.

Bridging the Past and the Present