Oral Histories

Voices From The Past

In the late 1970s, it became obvious to Bunty Robb, the librarian of the Captiva Memorial Library, that the tales she had heard of the old days of Captiva from long time residents needed to be captured and recorded.  

In 1977 the big project of recording the oral histories of long time residents of Captiva began, under the devoted guidance and implementation of Marian Chapman, Kay Shultz, Gene Peck, Gloria Berry, and more.

The oral histories, the result of the dedication and love of the island, have been digitally preserved.

Andy Rosse Interview                     

An interview with Andy Rosse at his marina on Captiva Island.


Dorothy "Dottie" Wakefield Interview      

An interview from October 24, 1980 featuring Dorothy Wakefield interviewed by Marion Chapman.


Joe Wightman Interview #1               

An interview from June 4, 1977, featuring Joe Wightman.


Belton Johnson Interview                    

An interview with renowned fishing guide and captain, Belton Johnson.


Dorothy Dickey Audio Recording            

An interview from October 24, 1980 featuring Dorothy (Mrs. Earnest) Dickey.


Beulah Wiles Interview                   

An interview featuring Captiva pioneer Beulah Wiles.


Jean Hayford Interview                     

Jean (Mrs. Max) Hayford is interviewed by Kay Schultz on June 12, 1977.


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