Looking Back

  • The Plantation House

    The Plantation House at South Seas Plantation (date unknown).

  • Alice O'Brien's First Aid Chest

    The inside of Alice O’Brien’s first aid chest has a picture drawn  by “Ding” Darling. The daughter and granddaughter of prominent Minnesota lumbermen, Alice O’Brien assumed responsibility for the family business (Putnam Lumber Company) upon her father’s death in 1925, and built her winter home on Captiva.

  • Miss Gould’s Class at Captiva School House

    In 1901 William Herbert Binder, the first homesteader, donated this portion of land for construction of a one-room schoolhouse; attended by students from Captiva, Buck Key, and Sanibel. The building is now the Captiva Chapel by the Sea, which in 2013 was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

  • James and Signe Wightman

    James and Signe Wightman in the 1920’s. The eventual owners of the Gulf View Inn, now the Mucky Duck.

  • Early Tarpon Fishing on Captiva

    This image features "Buzz" (F. Bowman) Price, his daughter, Dorothy Price (Dottie Wakefield) and Captain Stran after catching a huge tarpon in the early 1900's.  Price and his wife, Grace, established 'Tween Waters Inn in 1931.  Captain Stran was a resident fishing guide on the island. His wife, Clara Stran, owned a gift shop on Captiva.

  • "Black Bart" Holzhey Cottage

    Cottage originally built by the notorious, Captiva loner "Black Bart" Holzhey in the 40's. In the photo it is Mary Cunningham's Island Gift Shop, situated where Chadwick Square is now, and where it remained until reportedly moved to the north-east corner of Wiles and Captiva Drive. 

Bridging the Past and the Present