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CAPTIVA MEMORIES Film Documentaries

The Captiva Island Historical Society has produced and released six film documentaries of Captiva history and oral histories.  Told first hand, these documentaries capture the spirit of the island (see video trailers below).


Captiva Memories Vol I © 2011

Priceless stories from Chic Bruning, Dave Jensen, Leslie Kowalski, Debby and David MacKenzie, Nancy Oden, Shirley and Warren Stanton, Sarita Van Vleck and Queenie Viglione. Running time 35 min.

Captiva Memories Vol II: Earth, Wind & Water © 2012

Dottie Wakefield, Bob Sabatino, Kristie Anders, Matt Hall and John Dickey share memories of the characters and times of Captiva Island, including Hurricane Charlie. Running time 35 min.

Captiva Memories Vol III: By The Sea © 2013

Oral Histories of old stories by Georgia Hemphill, Zeke McDonald, Ginger and George Parker and Mark Lewis.

Captiva Memories Vol. IV: Artists and Authors © 2014

Friends and relatives of Robert Rauschenberg, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Maybelle Stamper, and J.N. Ding Darling tell invaluable stories that capture the spirit of Captiva, Florida and its meaning to these four world class artists and authors.

Captiva Memories Vol. V: Our Mailboat Santiva © 2015

Santiva, the old mailboat, which serviced Captiva and Sanibel prior to the construction of the Sanibel Causeway in 1963, inspired the concept and layout of the History Gallery.

South Seas Vol VI: Captiva's Enduring Paradise © 2016

Features the history of the changing shoreline of northern Captiva through hurricanes, then its early island residents, its rich farmland for crops, and then its becoming a world renowned resort destination.


"Captiva Memories" Documentaries Can Be Yours!

DVDs.JPGThe CIHS has produced DVDs of the complete series of "Captiva Memories" film documentarie, and can be acquied for a donation to the CIHS.

Such invaluable memories will be treasured for years to come!

DVDs of "Captiva Memories" Documentaries

Vol I, II, III, IV, V, VI
$20 Donation

Email, call or write CIHS to order:

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