Looking Back

  • Cleon and Ray Singleton

    The Singletons were owners/operators of the mailboat Santiva from 1936-1952.  The captain was fined 3-days pay if the boat was late. In all its years the “Santiva” missed just a handful of trips due to hurricanes.

  • Andy's Dock Pre-40s

    Andy Rosse's dock in a pre-1940s photo. Andy's dock was located on the current site of McCarthy's Marina at the end of the street now named for the colorful Mr. Rosse.

  • Cottages At 'Tween Waters

    This image is the main cottage at 'Tween Waters in the 1930s. Grace price and her husband F. Bowman Price built the first cottage at 'Tween Waters Inn in 1931. They came to the island with their infant daughter Dorothy because of Bowman's poor health.

  • McCaul's Gift Shop

    The original building which eventually housed McCaul's gift shop was reportedly built by Reimund “Black Bart” Holzhey and then sold to islander Ina Watson. A postcard image of the gift shop from 1973 shows the exterior of the building at ground-level. The building was eventually elevated with its distinctive long ramp and became know as the Tree House Gift Shop. The building is still standing as of June 2020 and is located just west of the Captiva post office on the left side of the road leading to Alison Hagerup beach park.

  • Alice O'Brien's First Aid Chest

    The inside of Alice O’Brien’s first aid chest has a picture drawn  by “Ding” Darling. The daughter and granddaughter of prominent Minnesota lumbermen, Alice O’Brien assumed responsibility for the family business (Putnam Lumber Company) upon her father’s death in 1925, and built her winter home on Captiva.

  • Tropical Storm Bob-July 1985

    Photo of the Mucky Duck parking lot at the height of Tropical Storm Bob in July of 1985. Bob hit the southwest Florida Gulf coast as a tropical storm before turning north and intensifying as a Category 1 Hurricane.

Bridging the Past and the Present