Looking Back

  • 1982 "No Name Storm" Wash-Out

    On Friday morning, June 18, 1982 crashing waves and surging stormwaters from the "No Name Storm" struck Captiva, washing away chunks of the road in front of 'Tween Waters Inn, temporaily wiping out the only road that leads off the island. The Fort Myers newspaper reported the causeway between the barrier islands and mainland was closed for about two hours Friday morning.

  • Employee Housing at 'Tween Waters Inn

    Employee housing at 'Tween Waters Inn (c 1990), the employees were known to call their accommodationsĀ "The Purple Penthouse."

  • Cleon and Ray Singleton

    The Singletons were owners/operators of the mailboat Santiva from 1936-1952.  The captain was fined 3-days pay if the boat was late. In all its years the “Santiva” missed just a handful of trips due to hurricanes.

  • First 'Tween Waters Cottage

    Miss Fitzpatrick was the tutor for the Dickey children. Her cottage became the original building that started 'Tween Waters Inn in 1931 by Bowman and Grace Price.

  • Bowman and Dorothy "Dottie" Price

    In 1924, Bowman and Grace Price purchased property on Captiva from John R. Dickey. This property included a small cottage belonging to the Dickey children’s tutor, Reba Fitzpatrick. Then they built a cottage towards the Gulf to be just a little guest cottage for family and friends. Originally known as “Price’s Cottages,” it took the name ‘Tween Waters Inn at the suggestion of conservationist/cartoonist J.N. “Ding” Darling who, along with his wife Penny, first stayed at the inn in March 1936.
  • Shuffleboard at Fisherman's Lodge

    Emma Alt (on right) and friend playing shuffleboard on the Fisherman's Lodge court (pre 1940).

Bridging the Past and the Present