Looking Back

  • Herbert & Hattie Brainerd

    This photo is Herbert and Hattie Brainerd by a shell fountain near the Gore Hotel on Captiva. The post office was located at the front of the hotel, and Hattie was the second postmistress on Captiva.

  • Elias Knight Carter Home

    This image is the Elias Knight Carter home on Captiva, location unknown. Elias Carter was a descendent of George Washington Carter, one of the first homesteaders on Captiva. The Carters farmed land on the north end of Captiva from 1898 to the early 1900s, property that is now the site of South Seas Island Resort.

  • George Washington Carter & Elizabeth Carter

    This is an image of George Washington Carter and Elizabeth Carter. He was a Civil War veteran from Georgia and one of the first homesteaders on Captiva. They had five children, and primarily fished for a living. In addition, they planted vegetables and a grapefruit grove on their 160 acres at the north end of Captiva.

  • Bayview Hotel

    The Bayview Hotel, later named Fishermans Lodge, the Captiva Lodge, then Captiva Hotel depending on who the owner was at the time. It was originally built by F.A. Lane in stages from 1911 to 1915. It burned down in 1948.

  • Maybelle Stamper

    This image is Maybelle Stamper with two cats owned by her friends, the Weeks family. Stamper, a modern artist and lithographer lived and worked on Captiva Island for more than 50 years.

  • June Rosse

    This photo is June Rosse, daughter of Andy and Dessa Rosse. The photo is part of the Rosse family collection, gifted to the Captiva island Historical Society.

Bridging the Past and the Present