Looking Back

  • The Dixie Steamer

    This image features The Dixie Steamer, a ship that frequently visited Captiva with mail, freight and passengers, docking at Randall's Dock.

  • Gore Hotel-Early 1900s

    This image features The Gore Hotel with the Post Office addition in the front, circa early 1900s. Mrs. Fayrum is pictured the first in line. This was the Gore residence on Captiva. Owners Alvin and Hattie Gore ran a tourist camp there called Camp Gore. Hattie Gore was Captiva's second postmistress. Gore Lane is thought to be named after them.

  • The Iconic Mailboat 'Santiva'

    The mailboat 'Santiva' docked at the old post office landing at the Gore hotel, pre 1940. The Gore Hotel was located on the property that eventually became Timmy's Nook, now the Green Flash Restaurant. The Captiva Island Historical Society's History Gallery, located in the Captiva Memorial Library, is a replica of the iconic mailboat.  

Bridging the Past and the Present