CIHS Fishing Documentary Being Reeled In

The upcoming CIHS feature-length documentary "Big Fish Stories: The History of Angling on Captiva" is in the final stages of production.

Opening copy.jpgIn ninth in the Captiva Island Historical Society's “Captiva Memories” documentary series, award-winning producer Ken Sneeden has once again reeled in an enlightening and entertaining film which chronicles how Captiva came to be defined by fishing - from the centuries old Calusas who fished for sustenance and established a coastal civilization, to the Cubans who fished commercially in the 1800s and 1900s, to the sport fishing enthusiasts who in the early 20th century were lured by  the stories of big game fishing, right up to the current days of commercial and sport fisherfolk who ply our local waters for a living and the passion of the sport.

All of these developments led to innovations in the type of bait, tackle, boats and other gear that were used for fishing. This history is a rich source of entertaining stories told by interesting people.

This CIHS documentary will premiere during the CIHS 2021-2022 season. 

It's the generosity of the inaugural CIHS Producers Club whose financial support helpedunderwrite the production of the "Big Fish Stories: The History of Angling on Captiva" documentary. The CIHS wishes to thank its first Producers Club of Tony and Angie Lapi, Jay and Cindy Brown, Dan Stegmann and the Captiva Rod & Gun Club and Dave Jensen and Queenie Viglione for their support in helping make the documentary a reality.

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